Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Introduction: This privacy statement outlines the way in which Funds Accessible Services Transaction Agency collects and/or uses customer information, and how we engage with these data provided in the financial services provided by our establishment.

Types of information collected: These are crucial aspects to form a comprehensive history of each customer so that financial services provided can be processed efficiently and with factual information to prevent scams. We collect information such as your personal data which will be provided by you and data sources which provides (credit information on individuals). We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement if deems necessary, changes will be noticeable on our website.

Purpose for collecting Data: Information provided by our customers is to validate the authenticity of the personal data given. We use this information given to prevent fraud, analyze the best suited product for you and to update your records periodically. These records provided are use in the assessment and guide of what type of service is appropriate and what is the risk. We also will link customers information with close associates and references if needed.

Data Storage, Security and Access: Users data will stay strictly confidential and will only be access for updating records or the processing of a new transaction for the user. Our platform will be secured and frequently updated from hackers and theft. Accessing user information may only be done with the clearance given on the basis of processing and updating the user data.

Details of Data Transfer: To prevent misconceptions and fraud we will use data given by the user to validate their information by number of ways such as collaborating with (CRIF of Jamaica) and Fraud Prevention Agencies just to name a few.

  • We will use the information you provide to collaborate with parties only to prevent fraud, validation of data, and, for training and quality purpose or analyses to improve customers experience.
  • Also, to other agencies to validate information so that loans and other services can be process timely.
  • User information will be given to appropriate agencies to verify records, so to limit the liability of untrustworthy and misconception of data given.

Use of Cookies: Cookies on this website will be secured and only be between our servers and will be periodically updated to prevent data theft. Data will be non-accessible by third-parties.