About us

Established in 2020

Funds Accessible Services and Transaction Agency (FASTA) is a micro-credit  organization, that provides small loan services such as; payday loan and micro-installment loan. We also facilitate individual cooperative savings plans, otherwise known as rotating savings and credit association(ROSCA)/Partner Draw. FASTA aim at bridging the gap between financial support and dreams among low income households.

Even at a young age, FASTA is committed to providing the most competitive small loan offers to our customers. We are supported by caring, reliable, and qualified staff, who consistently work to give you the best financial choices in making your dream a reality. We are redefining the way people access funding among low income household. This is because we believe that with access to financial support, these people can transform their lives and their community.

We work with you to customize the best offer

At FASTA we care


Improving lives by bridging the gap between funds and dreams


To offer the best options for financial support, growth and freedom.